Well, one cannot have a life that is so perfect, without any problems. But the crux of the matter is, to deal it without backing out rather than facing it. Cheer up for the whole new start.🥀🌷💕



Is freedom confined only to male sex? Why can’t a woman be successfully independent in the society. Women have the potential to fight against all the odds. She is a warrior. Women need to know their true potential, so that they built their own castle and be the QUEEN. #independentwoman🔥

I’m Cynophilic💕.

I’m so happy to share one of my musings. It’s dedicated to one soul that never hurts me. Being a single child, that too of working parents, I hardly had that so called family time. But when this four legged Angel came into my life, things are not the same anymore. I used to be one of those timid kids who’d freeze up on the sight of any dogs, though I always adored them. Ever since my parents brought a puppy to our family, I felt so responsible. I even became more humane. I learnt that art of sharing. It almost felt like I have a sibling. Max 💕, he means everything to me. No one loved as much as I loved him.


We Indians live in an atmosphere where almost 80% of our
living is exposed to the society. Yet, there are people(my dearest
Indian aunties) who try to peep into the rest 20% (the most
personal space) of our lives. Our lives are mostly confined to
apartments and gated communities, where you often experience
the life of other people at your door step. It is just the 2 feet wall
that shields your privacy. Most of the time, your daily life is
exposed, your moves are watched. Your life is under
surveillance. Bruh! Relax… you are not spied, it is the
Neighbour Auntie that watches you…always (with her tagline,
“I am watching”). You wear a black dress, its noted. You wash
your hair that evening, she might be presuming something else.
You get dolled up, boom!!! there goes her curiosity at peak and
the urge to know why. You may be late back home (though your
parents don’t actually care about it) these Aunties do care a lot.
So sweet, isn’t it? We’ve been told that we are guarded by the
Angels from Heaven, who watches us always. I guess, the
angels are not in heaven anymore, there are here, next door,
taking up the form of Neighbour Aunties.Screenshot_20180805-215004

Marriage isn’t just a ceremony where a couple gets hitched, but
also where desi aunties come looking for brides for their sons.
Not too long ago I was at a cousin’s wedding. Now, I was just
frolicking around in my pretty lehenga keeping a close eye on
the buffet- ready to wrestle down whoever I had to in order to be
first in line. As I was spying the buffet, I felt tap on my shoulder
and turned around to an innocent looking aunty (she really did
look innocent) along with her nervous looking husband who
looked like he didn’t want to be there. I had hardly gotten a
word out of my mouth before she shot a volley of questions at
me. Now I wasn’t in the mood and through the corner of my eye
I could see that the buffet was about to start. But, I didn’t want
to be rude and her questions- What’s your name kanna? How
old are you? and What do you do? seemed innocent enough. A
few seconds later my mother swoops in, mumbles an excuse and
quickly drags me away. Relieved to get away and thinking that
she didn’t want me to miss the food, I let her drag me towards
the other end of the room.
I was then not mature enough to grapple the situation. I
knew, I was TOO YOUNG to satisfy the intentions of the aunty.
On the way home I was puzzled with so many questions, why
was that aunty so much interested in enquiring about my
personal life, although she’s doesn’t know me at all. I did not
look or behave in such a way that the aunty could play the role
of a cupid to find my soulmate. My main purpose of attending a
marriage is just to enjoy the pleasure after my tummy gets filled
with clutter of mouth watering dishes. Why can’t these aunties
do the same? Enjoy the food, bless the couples and meet and
talk to the persons whom they knew already rather than
transforming yourself into a BRIDE-HUNTER.




Dear Aunties,
You always love sticking your nose where it doesn’t
belong. What is it with the judgmental and racial profiling? Maybe
you should try living without being judgmental and at the liberty of
your will and happiness. Trust me, it will change your life. As far as
poking your nose around is concerned, I’m sure there are a lot of
things, including self-improvement, that could so with yourattention and spying abilities.
Yours sincerely,
From the mind of Genius.❌⭕❌⭕

(Budding columnists here 😅… Thank you Meera.S.Menon, for her support in bringing out our work so successful)